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Georgetown Construction Update

August 25th – GRAND RE-OPENING!

Stop in and see what’s new in our market!

Our Commitment to Continued Improvement

In order to provide our customers with the best services possible, Caraluzzi’s Georgetown location is currently undergoing construction. Upon completion, many new amenities will be available to our customers, including:

• A full service butcher’s counter
• Expanded produce section
• Pastry case with fresh made cakes and pastries
• Café with specialty drinks, Paninis, Wi-Fi and more.
This construction is being spearheaded by a talented team of workers including our General Contractor, Buddy.
We understand that during the course of construction, navigating our store may become slightly inconvenient. As a way to thank our loyal customers who continue shopping with us as we improve, we will be holding raffles and give-aways periodically throughout construction.
To make shopping fun for your little ones, we encourage them to join our Construction Crew! Kids receive a crew member card, allowing them to play a game and win prizes as you shop! Past prizes include water bottles, Friendly’s ice cream sundaes and cookies. Kids also earn a new sticker throughout each construction phase! Click here to learn more.


August 17th – Phase 8 (Our Last Phase!)

Things are wrapping up nicely. We’re just putting the finishing touches on the bakery before we move to building the new open style meat room. The Caraluzzi’s asked us to tear out the wall and window so that customers can see the butchers at work. When you have the best meat in town you got nothing to hide! Well I better get back to testing the bakery cookies…. I mean ovens. Tastes like they work perfectly to me!


August 30th – Phase 7

We’ve installed new cases in both the meat and seafood areas and added 3 new grocery aisles! We’re getting close to finishing, and good thing too – the crews been cranky lately with all the overnighters. I can’t afford a nap right now (Especially in a construction zone. Have you ever tried sleeping in a hard hat? Impossible!) but lunch from the new soup bar might be just what the crew needs.


August 14th – Phase 6

Click to see photos of our new Cheese Island, Frozen Food Cases & Expanded Heat n’ Eat Selections!
There’s been lots of progress happening this week! Aside from getting the new frozen food cases installed and running, we’ve also opened up our new cheese island! Caraluzzi’s now carries the largest selection of cheese you’ll find in the area — and at the lowest prices too! Next up, we’ll be expanding the kitchen and bakery. Keep an eye out for bigger and better things to come!


August 7th – Phase 6

We’ve installed the new dairy cases and boy, are the beautiful! The next 48 doors for the frozen food cases coming in this week should be just as nice. My crew is exhausted working day and night, but this store is shaping up nicely. We hope you all agree and love the new additions! Thank you for your continued patience. We’ve got more improvements coming soon!


July 31st – Phase 5

Well, we’ve removed most of the old floor tiles and our overnight polishing is almost over. We’re anxious to get on to our new project, installing the brand new ice cream cases! They’ve arrived just in time to expand Caraluzzi’s selection of cool treats for the hottest summer month. When they’re up and running, Caraluzzi’s will have the largest selection of ice cream in Fairfield County.


July 24th – Phase 5

Our construction crew is working around the clock as we renovate our other departments. We know customers are going to love the added conveniences when we are finished! Until then, take a look at pictures from our new deli.


July 12th – Phase 4

Click here for photos of our new, expanded produce department!
After many all nighters the new addition is complete! Produce has been expanded, and our deli now includes some nice heat n’ eat dinner options for all you busy folks out there. Those quick eats sure will come in handy for us as we prepare to renovate the rest of the store. Our crew is ready to take a nap, but that might be hard amongst all the excitement. We can’t wait to start making the rest of the store as nice as the new space!


June 28th – Phase 3

The walls are finally painted and we are now entering phase three! While we’re waiting for the fancy new lighting to arrive, we’ve been running miles of wires to get all the equipment ready. The hardest part of the job so far is untangling ourselves from all that wire when it’s time to go home!


June 14th- Phase 2

After a long week of work, the new Jumbo Produce Cooler is up and will have double the capacity of the old one! Now Caraluzzi’s will have room to meet growing demands for more fresh fruits & vegetables. It would be up and running, but we have to wait for the sprinkler system to be installed. You know, in case the apples or lettuce catch fire.


May 28th – Phase 1

Now that the Georgetown Market’s roof is complete, nothing is going to rain on our progress! Finally all the other builders will stop complaining about water in their hardhats! At least hammers don’t get soggy, even if my lunch might. Good thing they make a mean Italian Combo at the Deli. Who wants lunch?