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Win an Authentic Dutch Bicycle!






Enter for your chance to win an authentic Dutch bicycle at your local Caraluzzi’s! Summer is here, and a leisurely bike ride is an excellent way to enjoy the season’s beautiful weather.


Sponsored by A Dutch Masterpiece, this beautiful bike is constructed with as much attention to detail as their artisanal cheeses. Inspired by the great Dutch artists of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, Dutch Masterpiece cheeses are a carefully selected range of premium cheeses that have been created to bring pleasure across the world.  Each cheese has a unique recipe and ripening process that results in a distinctive and refined taste and flavor, providing a taste experience like no other.


Like a bicycle ride compliments a sunny summer day, Dutch Gouda compliments a summer pallet. Cheese and wine are perfect for an afternoon picnic. Uncork your favorite bottle of cabernet, merlot or chardonnay and enjoy one of these beautifully crafted cheeses under a blue summer sky.


The award winning Rembrandt cheese is matured for a whole year, giving a deep, hearty flavor with a touch of tanginess. Rembrandt has a firm texture, but melts easily, making it a staple for every cheese board and the perfect complement to any homemade dish. Vermeer is a full flavored cheese with a delicate and fruity taste. Unlike other classic Goudas, Vermeer contains less fat and less salt making it a delightful topping to any salad and a cheese board essential.   The Vincent, named after Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, is a cheese with a rich, refined and sweet flavor. Vincent is fully ripened, and releases bursts of flavor with every bite. The semi-hard texture makes Vincent a versatile cheese perfect for cooking, grating and snacking.


Whatever cheese you choose to enjoy, you are sure to experience a masterpiece!


Enter for your chance to win at your Caraluzzi’s store. No purchase necessary.