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Caraluzzi’s Brand Products

High quality and low prices, that’s the Caraluzzi’s motto. Working to provide the best deals for our customers, considerable research is placed into every Caraluzzi’s product. Only the best values make it on Caraluzzi’s shelves. Only the best of the best receive a Caraluzzi’s label.


Caraluzzi’s Coffee
Over 12 blends of Arabica that range from robust to mild, flavored seasonally and sourced globally from the best beans. Click here to see how Caraluzzi’s coffee is made.


Pure Poultry
Quality, affordability and superior taste in one package. That’s Pure Poultry. Raised by family farmers nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia and the Carolinas, Pure Poultry challenges the current standard of “natural” chicken. “Organic” doesn’t always mean what you think. USDA certified natural products are only required to be hormone free. Pure Poultry is not only free of growth hormones, but also antibiotics and pesticides. Humanely raised on an all vegetarian diet, Pure Poultry is a new approach to all-natural chicken, priced for any budget. Click here to learn more about The Caraluzzi’s Pure Poultry Difference.


Caraluzzi’s Bacon
Our premium quality, smoked bacon is the finest we offer. Enjoy it for breakfast or make it a savory accent to sandwiches, salads, baked potatoes, or anywhere you would like to add a boost in flavor. MSG and Gluten Free, providing minimal shrinkage when cooked.


Caraluzzi’s Thick Sliced Bacon
Our double smoked, thick sliced bacon is premium, hand trimmed bacon, cut extra thick and slowly smoked for a rich, meaty flavor. MSG and Gluten free, providing minimal shrinkage when cooked, this bacon is perfect for breakfast or to enhance your favorite appetizers.


Caraluzzi’s Spiral Ham
Our spiral carved hams will truly make your meal memorable. These natural juice, bone in hams are carved to perfection and have a mouth-watering flavor. We’ve also added a honey glaze packet as the perfect accompaniment. These moist and tender hams are also MSG and Gluten Free.


Caraluzzi’s Ham Steak
Our boneless ham slices are slices packed in a convenient family size package. Tender and moist, these ham slices are slowly cured and hardwood smoked for an authentic smokehouse taste. Fully cooked. MSG and Gluten free.


Caraluzzi’s Sausage
Our sausage in all natural casing comes in four distinct and delicious flavors: Hot & sweet Italian, broccoli rabe, as well as provolone and parsley. Made from top quality pork or chicken, these sausages are an excellent and easy addition to any pasta or pizza. Cook with vegetables for a stand-out entrée.


Caraluzzi’s Deli Meats
The same premium meats from our butcher’s case, cooked and sliced to order in our deli. Choose from Certified Angus Beef pastrami, corned or roast beef, Thanksgiving style, honey or oven roasted turkey, as well as store-baked ham.


Caraluzzi’s Fresh Pasta
Fresh cavetelli, tortellini, fettuccini, linguini, ravioli and pasta sheets. Caraluzzi’s fresh pasta is the closest taste to authentic Italian pasta that you’ll find in a grocery store.


Caraluzzi’s Olive Oils
Our oil is a blend of the finest quality extra virgin olive oil from Italy, Greece, Spain and Tunisia. It’s subtle yet refined flavor enhances dishes without overpowering them. Infused oils include basil, garlic and hot pepper for an original addition to any meal. Click here to learn more about our olive oils.


Caraluzzi’s Bruschetta
An old world Italian appetizer topping made with diced tomatoes, garlic and basil. Pair with Parisian toast from our bakery for a classic and inexpensive entertainment option.


Caraluzzi’s Barbecue Sauce
Honey rich, brown sugar barbecue sauce is a sweet and tangy addition to any dinner. Great with grilled chicken or baked ribs, it’s the perfect accent to any summer dish.
Caraluzzi’s All Natural Marinara Sauce
Our traditional sauce is made with authentic San Marzano tomatoes which, unlike other jarred sauces, we place through a food mill. The deseeding process takes a little extra time but reduces bitterness and results in a thinner sauce. Add whole fresh basil, chopped fresh garlic and our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and you’ve got the perfect multi-use marinara sauce. Click here to see how our all natural marinara is made.